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KAPA ZLÍN, a healthy and reliable company that cares for quality.

We are always trying to find the best solution for our clients, PUR products offer a wide range of uses, from solid cabinets to durable parts of furniture to soft and touch-friendly armrests or pads. should not be left to the fact that our technology is relatively cheap even if the most stringent qualitative assessments are met, which is reflected in the price of the product itself, but not in the quality. , we offer great added value thanks to our knowledge and lifelong experience in PUR processing.


Keeping up with the best

KAPA ZLÍN was founded in 1992 in Zlín by former developers from shoe giant Svit." The development potential of the company has been applied in the successful implementation of 5 projects from state subsidy programs, we are also specialized in publishing and lecturing. healthy development of the company are technological and manufacturing innovations, along with professional education the most important.


Quality small and large-scale production

Our priorities include not only the complexity of the services we provide - model, form, prototype, serial production, but also the high quality of the products and the adherence to the agreed delivery dates, regardless of whether it is a contract for several pieces or series production.


Customer support

Do you have the idea for a new product made of integral PUR foam? Do you have any idea of ​​its design and design? Try us. We will assure your project completely - from design to actual implementation.

Our production process


Model production

Based on your request in our model shop, we will produce a model that will be exactly what you think, so we can help you solve any problems that might occur during production.



Based on the model we make the form to your absolute satisfaction. Thanks to our unique technology of galvanoplasty, we can do everything from hygienic backrests to dental chairs to a perfect copy of the human hand.


Own production

We will be happy to produce only a few pieces for you, but we will be happy to produce a multi-tiered series, depending on you.


Customer support

We are available to you whenever you need it, and we're ready to resolve the issues quickly to your utmost satisfaction.

Are we interested in? Feel free to contact us !

We know a lot, but you will not find out if you do not call us." PUR products meet daily at every step, at home, at work, at a doctor, in a fitness center, on a bike or in a car. , and if we have not done anything yet, we'd like to go with it and make the product to your full satisfaction.

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